Sam Allardyce GONE: Here is what our writers had to say…


Sam Allardyce was appointed as England Manager on July 22nd with one task: To take on a team that just suffered it’s most embarrassing defeat to Iceland at Euro 2016 and turn them into winners. Instead, he has further added to the humiliation the FA has had to suffer these past few months. 

After just 67 days at the helm, the former Bolton, Newcastle, Blackburn, West Ham and Sunderland manager has stepped down following a sting undercover operation by the Telegraph.

The British newspaper sent reporters out to film Big Sam, with the video evidence released today to show one of England’s most respectful managers spill the beans on third party ownership and other loopholes within the FA guidelines in a dodgy £400,000 deal.

Allardyce’s only game as England boss ended in a 1-0 victory thanks to Adam Lallana’s late winner against Slovakia in their World Cup qualifier.

Adam Lallana’s late goal gave Allardyce his first, and only, win as England boss. (Image Credit:

Gareth Southgate has been put in charge until the end of the year.

Here is what our team of writers have had to say on the day’s leading sporting story.

Macaulay Daley: “It’s disappointing for Big Sam, because this was the job he’s deserved for the hard work that he has done in his career. He’ll be the most disappointed about the way that his brief spell has come to an end. Unfortunately he gave the FA no other option than to mutually terminate his contract, as they would have looked soft if they had let him get away with just a caution. Considering that this was supposed to be his ‘dream job’ and earning around £3million a year for the work, why on earth would you take part in a dodgy deal just for an extra £400,000?! Gareth Southgate has been given the reigns until the end of the year, despite him turning the job down when it became available in the summer. I think he’ll do a good job in temporary charge, especially if the work that he has done with the youth set up is anything to go by.”

Jack Prentice: “Allardyce was only a victim of gluttony and good journalism. The big shame of this unholy debacle is that the England team would have done well under Allardyce’s stewardship. Sam was at best brainless, especially given that he was on £3m a year anyway so it is pure greed. He deserved to lose his job. What a pity that English football will lose out because of this”

 Liam Richner: “This doesn’t just add to the embarrassment of the Iceland result back in June, this tops it! For a national manager to be so easily left hung up to dry by these undercover reporters really makes you wonder whether the FA did actually do much in terms of a thorough application process for Roy Hodgson’s successor. It will be interesting to see how quickly Gareth Southgate can take charge of this team of individuals, especially with key qualifiers next week.  This makes the Slovenia game that little more trickier! The real winners here are Scotland. They may have an even bigger incentive to beat their neighbours if they hadn’t already!”





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